Customer Care and Service

In line with Celcom’s customer care philosophy of ‘Keeping the Customer Satisfied’, a series of initiatives was implemented in 2002, focusing on processes, systems and above all people. During the year, the Company embarked on training interventions designed to enable Celcom to deliver a higher level of service to customers. Through the introduction of specialized training programmers, Celcom is driving its customer interfacing units towards a culture of service excellence. An Integrated Customer Care System (ICCS), which speeds up the handling of enquiries and complaints and allows Celcom to proactively interact with customers, was also introduced. Meanwhile, the Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS) proved invaluable in enabling Celcom to better understand its customers’ profiles and behaviors, and to run highly successful antiattrition campaigns for its GSM Postpaid and Prepaid products. The Company continues to deploy more powerful CRMS tools, to give customers greater value.



  Hizwan Nizam wrote @

calling celcom customer service several times, but keeps been told that they are busy.
if that’s the case, what happens to us the customer that seeking for help?
it’s never hard on telling us to pay our bills, even though way before the actual time of paying bills, but when it comes to ask for help, they are never there to help.

  samarudin bin abu wrote @


1.Dukacita saya ingin memaklumkan bahawa pihak celcom tidak memberi perhatian yang serius semasa saya selaku pelanggan mendaftar no diatas utk talian celcom dibawah plan khas ATM.

2. Pada 9.8.14 yg lepas, saya telah mengisi borang bg permohonan mendaftar no di atas utk talian celcom. Saya juga telah menjelaskan semua bill sgn pihak maxis.

3. Pada 16.8.14, saya telah pergi semula ke celcom bg mendapatkan kepastian kerana no tersebut masih belom aktif dan dimaklumkan akan diproses semula.

4. Selang beberapa hari saya beberapa kali telah membuat panggilan ke operator celcom bg mendapatkan status no tersebut yg masih blum aktif. Pelbagai jawapan yg telah diberikan dan masih dalam siasatan serta menngelirukan saya kerana jawapan setiap operator langsung tidak sama.

5. Pada 30.8.14, no tersebut masih lagi belom aktif dan celcom langsung tidak memaklum sebarang status permohonan tersebut.

6. Amat mendukacita saya adakah pihak CELCOM sememangnya suka melepaskan tangan dalam memberi perkhidmatan kepada pengguna.

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