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Manage a whole array of Maxis-related services via the Internet Maxis helps make life easy with online conveniences:
• Edit your profile
• View/pay bills
• Unblock your mobile phone SIM card
• Value added services (maxis mobile postpaid & fixed line)
• Maxis one club
• Fault report



  harith wrote @

why i can’t active my hotlink youthclub????i have called maxis center and their said have probz with my simcard.n then i go to maxis center,but their said no probz with my simcard,but why i cant active it????i have try 9@10 times,but no notification sms me please.

  ieda wrote @

kenapa line maxis dekat tempat saya kejap ada,kejap tak ada….selalu jadi emergency call only…mak berhubung dan mesej pun susah…boleh selesaikan masalah ini..

  Chong Su Yean wrote @

why hotlink coverage in my home area so poor only 1 bar but last time is full bar…I stay in Melaka Bukit Lintang…Please help to improve…..

  sha wrote @

why maxis cut my credit 8 ringgit Malaysia without any information?it not fair for me.

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