D’Channel Services

D’Channel Services from Digi

All Digi consumer can enjoy of the D’Channel sevices only for just RM1 to watch one of their favourite TV programmes for a day by their mobile phone that are suitable with MobileTV™ Daily Pass.

How to Join?

Just type DAYTV and send to 2000 to subscribe.

How to Subscribe? There are got 3 ways.

1. Subscription via SMS
Step 1 : Send DAYTV to 2000.
Step 2 : You’ll receive a MobileTV Daily pass WAP Push
Step 3 : Select the channel and confirm subscription
Step 4 : Once you have successfully subscribed, click on the channel to start watching

2. Subscription via Web
Step 1 : Logon to OCS & go to My Services > MobileTV
Step 2 : Select phone model from the compatible phone list
Step 3 : Click on subscribe & select Daily Pass
Step 4 : Select the channel and confirm subscription
If you have already subscribed to all channels, click “continue” -> main page

3. Subscription via WAP
Step 1 : Go to DiGi WAP Portal > Mobile Lifestyle > MobileTV
Step 2 : Click on My Subscription
Step 3 : Select Daily pass
Step 4 : Select the channel and confirm subscription


1. Only charged RM1 for 24 hours D’Channel streaming.

2. Not auto renewal service, the D’Channel accessing will be terminated once it expires. So, user can make a choosing whether want to subscribe back or not.

3. User may upgrade the package on WEB and WAP. Eg, to subscribe the monthly package.

4. Confirmation to proceed the service subscription will be send to user mobile phone.


1. User cannot subscribe to Daily Pass if they are already subscribe to 7 channel (Limited)


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