DiGi Postpaid

Postpaid Plans

Supplementary Pans

Supplementary Plan is designed with exactly that in mind by offering you an access fee of only RM10 per month. You can also register up to 6 supplementary lines for your loved ones and share these great benefits.

Family Basic

Monthly Access Fee

Auto-Savings On Monthly Fee
Usage between RM50.01 – RM75
Usage above RM75


50% off monthly fee
100% off monthly fee

Tariff Rates Nationwide
Off Net (DiGi to Other network operators) nationwide

On Net (DiGi to DiGi) nationwide

RM 0.30 per min

RM 0.15/min

Call Discounts
Amongst Principal and Family Basic lines

35% Off Calls/SMS/MMS

SMS Rates
Off Net (DiGi to Other network operators)

On Net (DiGi to DiGi)

RM0.15 per SMS

RM 0.05/sms

MMS Rate
Off Net (DiGi to Other network operators)

On Net (DiGi to DiGi)

RM0.50 per MMS

RM 0.25/mms

Value Plan 2
Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Divert and Multi-Party Conferencing


Itemised Billing


Charging Block

12 seconds

Call Features

1. Missed Call Alert™

With Missed Call Alert™, one will be notified via SMS of missed calls.

2. International Roaming

With DiGi, you can roam with GSM 1800, GSM 900 and GSM 1900 networks worldwide. DiGi have also extended our roaming coverage in Japan and Korea, which are on different networks. There are no connection fee and no monthly fee to use this service.

3. Voicemail

Whenever a person is unreachable or unable to answer calls, the caller will be automatically diverted to Voicemail. They will hear a recorded greeting requesting them to leave a message. When their message is recorded, you will be notified via SMS on your mobile phone. The SMS text prompt will also indicate the ID of the caller who placed the message in Voicemail. You can then retrieve the message at your own convenience.

4. Automatic Credit Limit Alert

The Automatic Credit Limit Alert (ACLA) is a notification alert service via SMS which keeps you on top of your mobile phone usage. It alerts you whenever the Accumulated Charges in your account is about to reach your total Credit Limit, making account management much easier and more effective. ACLA is a free SMS alert service that gives you the flexibility to choose the alert that’s suitable for you.

5. Others

Other than the feature mentioned above, DiGi also offers other features such as Multi-Party Conferencing, Call Hold, Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP), Call Waiting, and Call Divert.



  LEE SUI LENG wrote @

Reference to My digi postpaid no: +60168525857. I would like to change this plan to prepaid, please give me a call to confirm it immediately.


  Hoh yee mei wrote @

I would like to terminate my number is 016-9622772 due to my phone is missing. Whether your can terminate immediately?
I’m at Singapore right now and I not able going to Digi service centre.
Thank you

  Pauline wrote @

Hi DG. Im going to Korea on Feb nxt year. I was wondering how can I use the Dg internet over there? Is there a way? Or any extra charges? Cause as I know that in Korea they dont sell simcard. They only sell it together with the phone. Pls help. Its very important for me to have 3g connection there due to work. Thanks. Pls rply ASAP. So I can knw what to do.

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