EPL Mobile Package services

Only use the WAP, their consumer will get the crucial information about the EPL.

Services that are offered:

But to join this service, sign up first by charging only 10 SMSes every week for Match-based Football Alerts according to this instruction:-

Type ON EPL then send to 2000

Note: The monthly subscription for this service is RM5.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe?


To Subscribe: Send ON <package code> <team code> to 2000. E.g. ON SF WES

-To Unsubscribe: Send STOP <package code> <team code> to 2000. E.g. STOP SF WES


1. All the Digi consumer can participate the EPL contest and probably will win the great prizes.

The Prizes:

1. Monthly prizes of cash voucher (RM400.00) from Sporting Goods and Apparel Store.

2. Grand prize of play station Portable.


Contest Participating

1. Only for all Digi consumer only.

2. Excluding Digi employees and Digi dealers even there are Digi consumer.

3. Monthly contest/services fee is set, so will automatically cut consumer credit balance.


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