Maxis 3G

Maxis officially launched its 3G services on July 1, 2005 (the 3G datacard service was soft-launched earlier in February 2005). The 3G service is available in selected regions of the country since nationwide coverage does not make economic sense (due to the high CAPEX involved). The main coverage areas include:

* The Klang Valley (including large part of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor) – the initial launch in July 2005
* Penang – Dec 2005
* Johor Bahru – Jan 2006
* Kuantan – Sept 2006

Maxis appears to be adopting a “thick coverage” strategy for 3G. This means 3G service will be rolled out only in areas where data traffic is heavy, or with strategic importance (example, Putrajaya which is the government’s administrative centre). The rest of the country will be served by 2.5G (GPRS; nationwide coverage) which is progressively being upgraded to 2.75G (EDGE or E-GPRS).

The key “shouting points” for Maxis 3G appear to be:

* video call & videomail
* packet-switched video streaming services (including live channels, video-on-demand & video clip downloads)
* Traffic Check (Maxis claims to have 50 video cameras installed around Klang Valley, Penang & Johor Bahru)
* Full-track music download
* 3G datacard

In Sept 2006, Maxis launched 3.5G (HSDPA) as part of the “wireless broadband modem” service which is targeted at “mass market consumer/home” users (instead of business or corporate). Maxis is progressively upgrading its entire 3G network to 3.5G capability. As of Dec 2006, the entire Penang island, and part of Klang Valley/JB/Kuantan are already 3.5G-capable.



  Arnold Judy wrote @

But,there is no 3G tower at my village. Kampung Jugan,KM12,Jalan Bau-Lundu,94000 BAU,Kuching,Sarawak.
P/s Help us by build it at my village. please take action.
Thank you.

  wahid wrote @

Kg.kuamut kinabatangan,sandakan sabah
Melapor kn,bhawa maxis 3G d kg brkanaan tidak berfungsi,d hrap phak maxis 3G dapat memperbaikinya kerana org kg sangat2 memerlukn nya

  fir_khan wrote @

Area dungun,terengganu coverage 3g pun susah.dh 3thun pkai maxis tpi mcm tu jgk.

  fir_khan wrote @

Npe coverage maxis mcm siput je ni.dh b’tahun pkai maxis tp still hurmm.tlg ejas..dungun,terengganu

  mohd shahril Ismail wrote @

Saya setuju dengan apa yang dikatakan oleh fir_khan. mungkin disebabkan masalah menara pemancar yg belum memadai. Kiranya perlu saya boleh carikan kawasan yang boleh digunakan untuk mendirikan menara pemancar supaya dapat mempertingkat keupayaan 3G maxis nie.

  mohd shahril Ismail wrote @

Kawasan dungun memang servive 3G maxis nie agak lembap.

  Fxx Maxx wrote @

Same for my kampung Kemendor, Jasin as well.
I’ve been using maxis for past 10 years, the cell tower just 50 meter away from my house, sadly..NO 3G, not even EDGE (2G).
Lucky Digi have 3G, switch to Digi to get internet access.
Maxis just too business minded, never take care the welfare of its royal customer.

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