Celcom continues to lead the industry in product innovation; and in 2002 Celcom’s products became more than ever. In addition to introducing three new prepaid packages, the Company introduced other innovative product offerings such as MSN Mobile Hotmail, which enables mobile phone users to receive e-mails via their mobile phones. Another innovation was Celcom’s Unified Messaging Service. This service gives customers access to all their messages, whatever the format, via whatever communications device they are using. In 2002, Celcom also became the first Malaysian communications company to offer Chinese content SMS. In addition, Celcom successfully introduced, on a trial basis, both Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). To delight customers and further bridge the digital divide, Celcom will continue to be aggressive in introducing meaningful products and services; and already has a series of advanced business mobile communications solutions and products in the pipeline. The Company will make extensive use of market research to ensure that the products, contents and services it develops meet real customer needs and desires. With the imminent merger of the businesses of Celcom and TM Cellular, 2003 will see a pooling of resources to achieve economies of scale which will boost our competitive edge in an increasingly saturated market. Celcom will continue to upgrade systems and equipment to cater to an increased customer base.


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  Perminder Kaur wrote @

Hi I’m intereted in opening a Digi centre in Parit Buntar, Perak.What will be the total cost to open one..

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